Friday, August 19, 2011


Hi, I just love the new Prima bird nests & couldn't wait to get my hands on some soOo
I decided to make my own! They are so easy to make, I made them while I was watching tv.
What you will need are: spanish moss, floral moss, scissors, tacky glue, tiny eggs & some alcohol ink.
I just cut some of the spanish moss (You just need alittle) I started shaping it then when I got the shape that I like I put alittle of the tacky glue on it & worked it around the nest to help hold the shape then I added alittle of the floral moss, alcohol inked some of the eggs & glued them in the nest.
I bought the moss at the dollar store so these just cost pennies to make!!
They aren't exactly like Prima's but will do until I can order some of their's!!
Thanks so much for stopping by!!! Hugs, Toni