Friday, June 24, 2011

Some EXCITING news & an Album

Hi, I have some exciting news, There is a new E-Magazine "Enchanting Creations" that is just AWESOME!!! This is the first edition & it is the best E-magazine that I have seen yet, It has really good articles,tips, sketches, kit of the month & right now they are having a giveaway.
I am so honored to be a Featured artist for the first edition BUT thats not why I love it, I love it because its so well done, with great pics & just alot of info.
I will give you a link so you can check it out for yourself & I'm sure you will agree with me!!
Here's the link:
I am also postng a album that I made, Love the angel on the cover.
Thanks so much for the visit & be sure & checkout Enchanting Creations.
Hugs, Toni


  1. Love your book, it´s enchanting! Congratulations on being featured artist and I´ll make sure to check out the magazine.

  2. congrats on the honor and wow this book sure is a sweetie