Sunday, April 11, 2010

Keepsake box & Frame set

Hi, Hope you r having a great weekend!!
My Grandaughter Whit Is Staying with me & we r dong some marathon scrappin. We r making mini albums, It is Great having her here with me, She's like my PERSONAL ASSISTANT. If I ever get rich I'm am going 2 hav a full time PERSONAL ASSISTANT.
I made this altered Keepsake Box & Frame I bought at Michaels craftstore, then just added layers of lace & flowers.
The flowers R Prima, The birds on top of the box I altered by taking some birds that I had & covering them with paper, so that they would look vintage.
Little Miss Tereza, is Helping me fix my link 2 my etsy store, But Tereza, I followed ur instructions & it still won't link. I'll try later today.
Anyhoo Thanks 4 the visit!!! Toni


  1. Toni, these are beautiful! I can imagine how much fun it was to be with your granddaughter... I am glad she is starting early! Have a blessed and happy Sunday!

  2. Wow, what an awesome project. Made even more fun with the company of a DGD. Have a great day!

  3. Waouh! je suis émerveillée devant tant de beauté...
    J'adore et quel douceur!!!

  4. so feminine and beautiful - just gorgeous!!

  5. Toni these are stunning...and who better to have for a PA than your own Grandaughter!!

    I bet she has your talent too!!

  6. Beautiful! Times spent creating with your grandaughter will be precious memories for you both!

  7. Thats stunning - you do fabulous off the page items as well!!

  8. Awesome! I heard you were talking to June. She is so excited! She can't wait and me,too!
    Hugz, Z

  9. These are stunning Toni - just beautiful. I LOVE your style. You and me both - have had our granddaughters stay over during the Easter holiday. We had a photo shoot (pics on my blog).
    You sound like you have a Scottish 'accent' the way you 'speak'! LOL. Thank you for sharing your talents. ~Glen~

  10. Oh, I'll volunteer to be your personal assistant, will ya hire me, please! Cuz I know you're gonna get rich!
    Thank youfor your very sweet comment BTW,I appreciate that, esp at my age!
    And these my friend are stunning!!! As always! Have fun with your GD! love deb

  11. I was so inspired of the LO snow when I
    made a picture for a newlywed couple.
    I absolutley adore your style...
    Are you curious about the result take a
    trip to my blog

  12. Toni, These are gorgeous! You are one of my favorite scrappers, so I left you something on my blog :)