Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kendra & Miss Payton

My Grandaughters r growing up... that's so sad... CUZ IT MEANS I'M GETTING OLDER!!!
I'm trying 2 finish up all the los I started & didn't finish, a couple were so ugly I had 2 throw them away.. no way to make them look any better, I usually do one lo at a time but lately I've been jumping around, I'll start a lo them jump 2 another one, don't know whats up with that, but I'm going back 2 one lo at a time.
I hav a minni album I hav 2 finish then I'll be all done with the stuff from 2009.
We're still going wild at shabby so u better get in on all the fun & prizes!!!
Thanks 4 stopping by!!! Toni


  1. Ooooohh my god. Its abselutly gorgous.
    I have never seen a more beautyful layout ever.
    The coloures and details is stunning and the picture is, well what can i say BEAUTYFUL..( i love the pearls)
    Love your blog so much inspiration.
    Hug linda:-)

  2. I find it hard to believe that any of your layouts could be ugly enough to throw away! You always have such beautiful work!

  3. Yea whatever, I want to see what you are calling ugly and throwing away, I'd be framing them! Where's your trash can!
    This is just gorgeous Toni!!!! xOxO

  4. Wow Toni, absolute stunnig page! Wonderful the details and the colours!:)

    Hugs, Tímea

  5. I just take a look to your blog and I find it amazing, I'm a big fan.
    Thanks for showing us all those beautifull things.

  6. Stunning as ever. I love all those wonderfull details!!! And I would love to see your dissaproved layouts, would probably frame them, just as someone said above *LOL*

  7. Oooh Toni!! I've missed a couple of your LO's so have been going through them now!!

    WOW girls.........totally awesome work!!!
    In awe and inspired by you!!

  8. This is gorgeous and I am so glad I found ur blog!! I'm such a fan of ur work!

  9. I so love all your work, wish I could make layouts like this! Don't get the opportunity to make girlie layouts often! Your work is phenominal!

  10. What a beautiful work you do ! you are amazing !
    thank you so much !